Amazon Kindle Books

The Gardner-Harvey Library provides Amazon Kindle Books for you to read. We have two WiFi Kindles and two Kindle 2 readers (with keyboards) and our iPads are equipped with the Kindle app for your digital reading pleasure. Any Middletown campus student, faculty, or staff member may check out a Kindle or iPad upon presentation of his or her MU ID. We are interested in the experience of reading electronic books and hope you will give them a try.

More information on the Kindle reader is available from Amazon here (newer Kindles) or here (older Kindles). More information on the iPad is available from Apple.

What can I read on the Kindle or iPad?

We have purchased these Kindle books and we can make them available on all of our devices.

What if I would like to read something else on the Kindle?

We are eager to receive suggestions from you of good books to add to the Kindle. Please contact us to suggest new titles. You can shop in the Amazon Kindle Store to see if your desired book is available on the Kindle. In addition, we invite each person who checks out a Kindle to purchase a Kindle book using library funds. This will build the collection with materials that you need.

How long can I check one out?

The Kindles are available for a one-week loan (iPads check out for one day). If you have any questions about this service contact our InfoDesk at 513-727-3222.

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