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Photo of group using an iPad Borrow an iPad for yourself (or for your whole class)!

The Gardner-Harvey Library received a grant to provide iPads for use by classes and individuals in Middletown. We added 41 iPads (with Retina display) to our lending collection.

  • 16 of the newest iPads, and 4 earlier version iPads or iPad minis, may be checked out for one-day loan.

  • 25 of them are kept as a classroom set for use by faculty and students in class and may be reserved.

Which apps do we have?

You can see the growing list of our apps here. All of our iPads have these apps installed. We also have a Pinterest board of suggested academic apps (we do not have all of these on the iPads, but we're happy to add more - just contact Chris Mull).

To borrow or schedule iPads . . .

If you would like to use an iPad, or schedule a set for your class, come by the Library or let us know!
Also, once you have used them in a class, please use the faculty and student feedback forms linked below.

You may also view a more detailed list of our iPads and other devices (which includes replacement costs). Please consult the Library Reserve Equipment policy for guidelines on using these items.

Learn how to use them in the classroom!

See Hoonuit for a set of tutorials on iPad Tips and Tricks

The Library and E-Learning co-sponsored training sessions for faculty and staff during the Recharge (January 15, 2014 at Hamilton and January 21, 2014 at Middletown):

We also offered each of those training sessions twice during Fall 2013 to help faculty start using iPads in the classroom. We would be happy to provide further training - just ask!

iPad surveys

Individual loan iPad feedback
Classroom iPads faculty feedback
Classroom iPads student feedback
Our original survey on your possible use of iPads in teaching, learning, and research.

Photo of iPads in the Library

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