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  1. This site, sponsored by the American Association of Colleges and Universities is a comprehensive resource of campus practices and resources about diversity in higher education. An important focus of this site is to locate diversity as central to the educational and societal missions of institutions of higher education.
  2. An interesting web site that is an archive containing profiles of famous African Americans who have made history in 15 categories. Very useful for identifying examples you can use in lectures, handouts, and classroom discussions.
  3. This is a web site for students, teachers, and others interested in the causes and consequences of prejudice. There are more than 2,000 links to prejudice-related resources, as well as searchable databases that include hundreds of prejudice researchers and social justice organizations. This site also offers a series of self-tests that give visitors the opportunity to explore their thinking, knowledge, and/or attitudes toward diverse others. Each scored test takes about 15-20 minutes. The results usually generate introspection and can lead to insightful classroom discussion.
  4. In part based on the work of Uri Treisman (see notation) AVID is an educational enhancement program dedicated to accelerate under-achieving public school students into more rigorous courses while at the same time providing the intensive support students need to succeed. AVID specifically targets the learning and social needs of these students using pedagogical approaches like the Socratic Method and structured study groups. Teachers serve as advocates and guides rather than lecturers and counselors as facilitators rather than gatekeepers. AVID works to influence the belief system and culture of the entire school by demonstrating that low-income and minority students can achieve at the highest levels and attend colleges.
  5. California Newsreel: Campus Diversity 2000 This web site lists a range of campus diversity video resources that can be used in classrooms or as a forum for diversity training among the faculty or across the campus community.
  6. This page is part of the Intercultural Communication Institute website. Resources include bibliographies, classroom simulations, intercultural links related to September 11, links to additional websites, and publications and publishers. [The page is in the construction process and will continue to have more resources added.]
  7. The Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management (Columbus, Ohio. In addition to providing a range of dispute resolution techniques and training, the Ohio Commission provides training for teachers around the issues of bias awareness and conflict resolution in the classroom.
  8. Encouraging Students in Racially Diverse Classrooms. Among the questions addressed on this website are “What can a teacher can do to insure that the classroom itself is open to all students?” and “What are strategies teachers can use to handle “hot” moments?”
  9. http://www/ Incivility in the College Classroom
  10. Group Work and Cooperative Learning
  11. Creating an Effective Learning Climate
  12. Teaching for Inclusion is a comprehensive guide written and designed by the staff of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina. The first section of the document discusses the importance for instructors to first examine their own awareness and potential bias toward diverse others. The second section includes a series of chapters about students from specified identity groups or issues at the University of North Carolina. Some of the chapter topics include gender, African American students, Lesbian, Gay, and Bi-Sexual students, Students with Diverse Religious and Political Beliefs, Non-traditional students, Students with Physical and Learning Disabilities, and International students.