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In reports from employers, computer science graduates consistently receive stellar marks for their technical knowledge. At the same time, employers express concern about underlying abilities, such as listening, interpersonal effectiveness, intercultural sensitivity, and teamwork in their entry level employees. In this website, you will find specific pedagogical strategies to help students develop these fundamental soft skills that will better prepare them for success in their chosen field. Using a model for increasing intercultural awareness and a series of activities, you can experience for yourself the exercises that you can use in your own classrooms.

Lizz Howard, Computer & Information Technology, and Marty Petrone, Communication, first prepared this material for a workshop at the 2005 Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), however, the pedagogical strategies contained in this website are applicable to any field - in academia and beyond.

If you try one of our exercises, please take the time to complete the survey. (Don't worry - it's short!) We would love to receive your feedback and suggestions.