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Segue 7: 2008 

ISSN 1939-263X

Issue 7 features new poetry by Edward Byrne, Professor of English at Valparaiso University and editor of Valparaiso Poetry Review, and an essay about his work, "Landscape and Lyricism," in which he suggests how lyrically drawn landscapes "might invite readers to perceive even familiar territory from a different angle and maybe more poignant perspective, perhaps just as a landscape painter may request that viewers peer through the vivid yet static scenery caught on a canvas to grasp that unseen spirit sometimes lurking unsuspectedly underneath..."

You can read the entire issue or individual works by clicking the Flashpaper/PDF links, or right-clicking to save the files to your computer. We like flashpaper better for online viewing. Both formats are printer-friendly. Along with the authors' works, you'll also find biographical information, the authors' comments on the writing process behind their work, and web links to further resources about the authors.

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