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Segue 1.1: Fall 02

Featuring excerpts from Brian Kiteley's new novel, excerpts from Kiteley's third novel, The River Gods. Kiteley describes this work as a 400-year history of the town he grew up in, Northampton, Massachusetts, written in stories and essays. His commentary, "Fiction as Mixed Media," explores Kiteley's belief "in using the words of the past and inserting fictions—or like-minded prose—between them to create another version of both past and present, not necessarily interpretation of past, but illumination of the passage of time with language as its fuel."

You can read each author's work by clicking on "web link" beside the author's name. Links will open in a new window.


featured author

Brian Kiteley web page


Becky de Oliveira web page
Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz web page
Jhoanna Calma Salazar web page
Birute Serota web page

creative nonfiction

David Melbye web page


Suzanne Burns web page
Ren Powell web page
Matthew W. Schmeer web page
Tamara Kaye Sellman web page
Mark Tursi web page
Kathrine Varnes web page
Benjamin Vogt web page
Bryan Walpert web page



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