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Segue 10: Fall 2011  ||  Dreams n Nightmares


virtual segue


New in 2011, Virtual Segue exists to explore how literature and creative writing can interact in engaging and educational ways in a virtual reality environment. From each annual issue of Segue, the editor will choose one work to transform into some sort of virtual reality installation. Each installation will be completed and made freely available to all in Second Life. Second Life is a three-dimensional, interactive virtual reality platform used by over one million people around the world for entertainment, education, and business. If you aren't familiar with Second Life, click here for a quick primer that includes helpful tips and how-to information.


the dreams n nightmares installation


The Dreams n Nightmares Installation is Segue's first attempt to explore how the literature published in Segue might extend into virtual reality. From Issue 9, the editor chose to work with Nancy Scott's poem, "My nightmares are like that..." Scott's poem was inspired by Rene Magritte's painting, "The Empire of Light II." The Dreams n Nightmares installation is a 3D model of Magritte's painting that visitors in Second Life can walk through and interact with. Clicking on various objects throughout the installation offers visitors information on Nancy Scott, "My nightmares are like that--" her other poetry, Magritte and his work, surrealism, and dreams and nightmares. Several Mr. Magrittes inhabit the installation, waiting to guide visitors along. Throughout the installation, visitors are invited to submit their own research to help the project grow into an interactive resource on poetry, surrealism, dreams and nightmares.

The Visual Tour of Dreams n Nightmares provides a sneak peak at the installation without having to log in to Second Life.

For more information on Nancy Scott and her poem "My nightmares are like that--" click here.







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