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Tru, a novel by Eric Melbye

Under Our Skin

Tru is the story of Gertrude Hayes, a lifelong social outcast waiting out her final days in a nursing home. When Tru’s only friend in the home gives her a journal, the restless ghosts of her past immediately close in on her, demanding that she confront the memories she so desperately wants to leave behind.

Tru begins writing the stories she’s always been afraid to write, spinning memory and pure fiction together into narrative threads that wind through her harrowing past, surreal present, and a troubling yet hopeful future. With courage, humor, and grace, her startling narratives attempt to rediscover hope and forge a new sense of self. Skillfully written in language that strikes the major chords of our own timeless and wordless experiences, Tru is an utterly tragic memoir, and a fragile prayer for us all.

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