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Writing on Writing Submissions 

For our Writing on Writing page, Segue welcomes submissions from instructors (including graduate students), writers, scholars, and others that address creative writing in some fashion. Possible writing topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

> Creative writing pedagogy (we're especially interested in this)
> The state of creative writing in academia
> Creative writing in academia v. the alleged "real world"
> The craft/process of writing fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction
> Creative writing exercises (with explanations of their origin, purpose, and if possible, examples of completed exercises)
> Close readings of the works of established authors, with an eye toward illuminating something in the work that is useful for writers (please, no literary-studies type papers)
> Interviews with established authors
> The business side of creative writing
> The writing life

We are open to any genre, including but not limited to scholarly articles, conference papers, reflective narratives, manifestos, credos, and informed rants. No fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction, please. All writing must be polished, insightful, and well-informed. Research should be documented with a works cited page and formatted in MLA style. The title of your piece should be indicative of its content. If you're unsure if the subject matter of your work applies to the above, feel free to query us.

Submissions are peer-reviewed and short responses are written for the author. Submissions are judged as acceptable for publication as-is, acceptable upon adequate revision and resubmission, or not acceptable.

There is no deadline for Writing on Writing submissions. They are published year-round, as they are accepted.


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