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About Us 

Who We Are

Segue is the online literary journal of Miami University-Middletown, and the big little brother of Illuminati, our campus' print and online journal for two-year college students across the nation and local community members. Segue is edited by Eric Melbye, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing.

What we do (our highfalutin' mission statement)

As verb, "segue" describes the transition from one thing to another—from here to there, innocence to wisdom, familiarity to strangeness. As noun, it describes what we leave behind as a record of that transition: wars, lives, words. In the art of writing, all writers travel a sometimes mysterious road from inspiration to right words. Segue's mission is to celebrate and illuminate that alchemical journey and its destinations by mapping the whole writing process, rather than focusing solely on the writing product, thus serving as both an educational and a literary venue. Our featured authors publish short collections of their work along with writing that explores the process behind their submissions, our Writing on Writing and Author Q&A pages provide sites of exchange for students, teachers, and writers to explore writing-related issues, and our Resources offer links to other literary journals and writerly information. Other plans in the works include expanding Segue further into classrooms, our local community, and the Internet community through service-learning and other projects.

Why we do it

Because writing is more than an object; it's an event.

What You Can Do

Read our current and past issues, contribute creative work for our next issue or scholarly work for our WoW page, and give us your feedback on what we're doing.


The creative works published in Segue do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of its staff or of Miami University.



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