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Coffee and Photographs
Radio Buzz


Coffee and Photographs

historic tragedy:

the Bomb exploded
father’s semen, stained
lesion on her brain

every insect’s identity
in the room, registered

black invisible sweater
a chemical evanescence

good night good

waiting for the polaroid
emulsion of the past into
the now

little birds chirping in the sad City
heard through a red phone receiver

“the man on the hotline said they sounded nice too.”

the angels will let go of you
if you ask, but they

will continue to watch



Radio Buzz

conversation camel light…gray commercial smoke forces the anger back down throat.
well, what did you accept/expect with the profound cosmological outlook?

malthus: eat kraft macaroni and cheese and grow hairy palms. (burp…eyeball!)

lyell: the same shit – uniformitarianism – over your sweaty pillow of art. (laundry?)

darwin: 19th-century noble father of an out-of-control theory. (selecting?)

sociobiology: sin justified minus responsibility – sign me up. (genetic who-control?)

whitehead: the general form of thought is a structure. dimly aware of it. (dummy head!)

gaia is a chick who won’t die, today….

‘round the ferris wheel of spam: lighter, smoke, beer and a cheap kitchen stare into an angle waiting for linoleum…skin is a slut and the spine pines to be nailed down after slumping too many couched years of preferred satisfaction of response not coming back.

the tofu taste like tuna fish
and the table demands a stimulus!



(multi-plane camera)
a yellow pergola. simply feign. primary colors whistling from three happy walls. a line
may discord anything from faculty of hyper-compression. bread & circus. an otaku
gladiator of images, thwarted by an incendiary red. essayed & hallooed. than not. well, a
knot of sorts. 
i’m talking to 
parasol the providence. & language police assail hither with mecha. 
a pond oiled in twenty-seven shades of green anime. negative “i” espied subtraction of
“self.” marooned in the middle of soupy biosphere. divided dimensions of cartoon land.
split-second inky entrances into rabbit hole. an omelet with the subtext of disney. rubber-
hose animation surreals a stretch to elastic lines of squash & laugh. a gag back in the bag
at pleasure island.
immaculate conception: 
                                      the innocent savage.