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Segue 12: Fall 2014  ||  Jota Boombaba


about the author


Jota Boombaba, when not on the road, writes poetry in and around San Francisco, where he lives and explores with his son.


about the work


In July, 2013, I spent a few weeks in a seaside town in southeast Thailand, a place I’d never been before, hoping that all its unfamiliar surroundings would inspire some new poems. What I discovered on that hot and humid beach was that I am rarely satisfied with the way things are. I am always craving something else, something more, something new. That very discovery inspired “Days in Pattaya.”

I suppose I have the same experience when writing a poem: I’m never quite satisfied with a draft, which keeps me revising over and over, at least until a poem is accepted for publication. At that point, with that editorial acceptance, I consider a poem complete, at least for the time being.

The older I get, the closer I get to death and the further I get from birth, the more I see my life as one long poem—never quite satisfactory, never quite what I had in mind, always open to revision, even when admired and applauded by others.








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