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Segue 10: Fall 2011  ||  Jo Neace Krause


about the author


Jo Neace Krause has strong connections to southern and middle Ohio as do many people from Appalachia. Her family and connected relatives migrated from Breathitt County, Kentucky to the Clermont Country region after World War II. Krause is a short story writer as well as poet and folk painter (she hears she is a significant one!) with paintings in the permanent collection at The Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead. A short story, “Mothers and Children,” will appear in the forthcoming issue of The Arch.


about the work


My advice to anyone who wants to write is take this test. Read but be choosy. Read not just the quiet hidden minds of poets, but begin with the public ones. Start with the Bible for its dramatic poetics of over statement, its meglomania. “I am the resurrection,” “I am the way, truth and the light.” Then on to Shakespeare. Memorize the speeches of Hamlet talking to himself, and Henry V talking to soldiers, for they will turn you into music. Say them out loud when you are doing the dishes or laundry, carry on like someone come back from the dead with a headful of flashing secrets. And if the secrets take hold, if the flesh is hooked and heart swells, then you are in. You can sit down and make your start.






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