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Segue 10: Fall 2011  ||  Danny P. Barbare


about the author


Danny P. Barbare’s poetry has appeared in online and print journals locally, nationally, and abroad. He has been writing poetry for 30 years and has been published over 500 times. His poetry has appeared in Writing Ulster, The Houston Literary Review, Boston Literary Magazine, Art Times, The Santa Barbara Review andnumerous other publications. His poetry won the Jim Gitting’s Award at Greenville Technical College, where he is attending school.


about the work


“The Beautiful Sun” was created one day, simply when I was looking out the window and wanted to write a poem. She is simply fiction. But something I can connect to. I compared the images to a woman using the sun as a concrete source. I recite the images over and over till I get them right, making sure it sounds right, the tone is clear, and trying not to get too flowery. I focus on the one image till I have some kind of form. That is the hard part. Once I have an idea of what I’m going to write about and what I’m going to compare it to, it becomes more simple. I then just have to connect the dots. It is very enjoyable to me when I feel like I have said what I want. Only publication comes second.

“The Jelly Bean” is also about she. It is a more comical poem I wrote. I simply take a jelly bean, which I was eating at the time and just concentrate on the images. What compares. I think deeper into the images, making light the whole time. The subject can ultimately be fiction, but it does have to seem real and make sense. I think object and emotion or feeling have to go hand and hand. She is more of a feeling than an actual person. An emotion. To where the jelly bean is the concrete object that gives me reality.

“The Magnolia” is about my wife, so this poem was a little easier to write. And we do have a magnolia tree in the back yard, so the images are easy to come up with. But again the beginning of writing even this poem is the hardest. Inspiration has little to do with me writing a poem. I work hard because I’m a serious poet that practices every day. To me it is not just a fly-by, easy thing to do. But still, I find some kind of enjoyment in what I do. Publication is just the conclusion. I simply go on to the next poem, as there is always something to say. Say in my own way. I understand I cannot write like everybody else, but I can read others' poetry, go to workshops and listen. And ultimately do it my way.






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