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January 8 - January 18

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Ins and Outs: Miami Middletown's "Freshman" Survival Guide/January 2010

Is this your first-ever semester as a college student? Or your first semester at Miami Middletown? If so, this survival guide can go a long way toward helping you survive the "ins and "outs" of campus life.

More Than a Degree/ January 2010

Our editor-in-chief, D. Dalrymple, suggests that the new BIS degree is "“self-centered” in a healthy way. "...we discover the importance of reflecting on ourselves in a way that many of us were never taught before," she writes.


The Good Guy Tale/ January 2010

Every woman  has that set list of things she checks off in her head to see if this latest guy is "the good guy." Not everyone has the same list. So, what makes a guy a "good guy"? Check this story to find out.

Good Pizza, West Chester Atmosphere/ May 2009

I was skeptical about anchovies. My whole life, I have harbored an unexplainable fear of them. Yellow Cab changed all of that for me. I can now honestly say that I love anchovies.


October, Miami Middletown/ October 2009

Miami University Middletown is the oldest of Ohio's 23 regional campuses. It just happens to be the best looking as well, especially in October. Check this gallery's pictures for further proof of just how good looking we are.


Epiphany/ January 2010

Local musician and businessman Cedric Burns-Davis sits down with The Hawk's Eye and shares his inspiring story.


Young Adults Making a Difference: A. J. Smith/ January 2010

Koasta Larrance profiles A. J. Smith, just 20 years old and newly-elected to Middletown City Council.


What Ails the Bengals/ November 2008

The Bengals can solve almost all of their problems by following a few relatively simple rules. We offer these rules for your review right here.


New Year's Goals/ January 2010

All New Year’s resolutions are achievable if you follow three important rules. Send us your goals for the new year.