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Guided Self-Placement for First-Year Writing

Miami University Middletown offers several composition courses you could take. The English faculty have read your writer’s profile and made a recommendation, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you. This Web page provides information on your options to help you make an informed decision. The options are:


English 007


English 111

and, also,

English 104

(an extra option with either ENG 007 or 111)

If you have any questions,

call Dr. John Heyda at 727-3283

or email him at heydajf@miamioh.edu

English 007

Fundamentals of Writing


You might consider enrolling in English 007 if you think you need to build your confidence in writing and reading or feel your writing experience has been limited. This course is limited to 15 students and has no effect on your GPA. As a credit/no credit course, its 3 credit hours do not count toward graduation but do count as part of your total enrollment credits for the semester. In other words, English 007 gives you a chance to work on some of your writing skills before you take English 111: College Composition. In ENG 007, you can:

  • learn about and discuss college expectations
  • practice various aspects of writing, like coming up with ideas and details and expanding topics
  • work on organizing and rewriting paragraphs and papers
  • practice various aspects of reading, like reading to comprehend and to identify the writer’s purpose and intended audience
  • read to make connections and raise questions
  • give and receive lots of feedback from instructor and peers

English 111

College Composition


You might consider enrolling in English 111 if you feel you’ve had successful writing experience and could, with proper instruction, develop a 3 to 5-page paper. College Composition, the Miami Plan’s required 3-credit foundation writing course, is more intensive than English 007 and has up to 23 students. In English 111, you can:

  • make connections between what you read and what you write
  • write more developed papers than in English 007
  • write toward a variety of audiences
  • collaborate with peers on tasks like giving and receiving feedback on work
  • become a good reader of your own writing
  • rewrite work for improvement
  • analyze readings
  • write and discuss focused responses to academic texts
  • work on assignments outside of class

English 104

Composition Workshop

(aka “the Studio”)

Alongside the composition course you select, you might consider enrolling in

English 104: Composition Workshop if you are fairly confident that you can succeed in English 111 but would like additional feedback, or you are enrolling in other courses with a significant amount of writing to do and would like some support in developing your writing. This 1-credit “studio” workshop offers a class size capped out at 8 students with an experienced composition teacher working alongside students from a variety of writing courses. This course meets once weekly for 75 minutes and has no homework or grades. It is a credit/no credit course but does count toward graduation. In English 001, you can:

  • work together in a small community of writers
  • provide and receive feedback on writing in progress from any of your other classes, from reading the assignment through drafting and revising
  • review the responses of your classroom teachers for revision ideas
  • ask questions and talk about theories and practices of college writing