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Academic Adjustments

The coordinator will help you determine reasonable classroom academic adjustments based on documentation and consultation.

Example: Eric's hearing impairment affects how he learns. It is important for him to have a reserved seat in front of the classroom. It is equally important that the instructor speaks distinctly and always faces the class. The instructor cannot be understood when he is usng the blackboard and lecturing at the same time. Rapid Text can facilitate Eric's level of comprehension; for this academic adjustment, requests should be made in advance.

Example: Stan has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. His request for a separate site for quizzes and tests can be granted. A distraction-free testing environment may be essential for his success.

Example: Alice's hands cannot function well enough to take notes/to submit a research paper. Her college success will be greatly enhanced by the use of the Voice Pad, technology developed to recognize verbal instruction.

Other helpful resources:

  • adjustable classroom tables
  • books on tape
  • closed-circuit television
  • reader service
  • print enlarger
  • ergonomic chairs