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To reduce print volume and better manage costs, Technology Services and Gardner-Harvey Library have instituted a charge for printing using Uniprint management software. The charge is strictly a cost-recovery measure. Funds collected from Uniprint will be used to offset the costs of printing; including printers, supplies (paper, toner, etc.), and the Uniprint system itself.

Black and white printing costs $.10 per print; color costs $.25.

  • Students need only their Miami ID with money on it for printing.
  • Guests need to purchase cards from machines outside the Computer Center in Gardner-Harvey and in the Johnston Hall Lobby.

Procedures to print:

  • When a user prints to a Uniprint-managed printer, the system puts the user's print job into a queue.
  • The user then goes to a release station attached to the printer and slides his or her Miami ID through a card reader.
  • The user selects the print job from a list of jobs waiting to print, and clicks the "Print" button to print the job.

As alternatives to printing, users are encouraged to save documents to disk, email brief documents to themselves, or simply to read the documents on the screen.

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