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This web page is designed to enable faculty, staff and students to submit questions or comments regarding the Computer Center and technology in general. All questions and comments will be answered by Technology Services staff and the responses will be posted at this location. All submissions are anonymous.

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  1. All submissions are anonymous - confidentiality is respected and guaranteed
  2. Submissions that disparage or discredit specific individuals will not receive responses.
  3. Limit submissions to a single topic - for multiple questions or topics, make separate submissions.
  4. Responses will normally be posted within one week of submission depending on the volume of questions and the time required to gather any necessary information to post responses.

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Question: How can faculty obtain a departmental Mulaa card to use Uniprint printers?

Answer: Academic and administrative departments can request departmental Pay-for-Print cards for staff and office use. These cards use departmental funds to purchase copies and laser prints at copiers and printers located in public areas and computer labs.

Requests for Pay-for-Print cards go through IT Services Print Center, located in Gaskill Hall. The three step process can be viewed at the below link. If you have additional questions you can call Debbie Boston at 727-3356.

(Knowledge Base: Case ID 23616)

Question: I use the banner function in meeting maker all the time. For the last month, when I log out and then log back in to meeting maker, my banner will still be there, but it will say "untitled". and i have no clue what i typed in it because, if i did, i wouldn't need to use the banner function. why is it doing this and how can i stop it?

Answer: This problem has not been observed before and we'll have to see you're computer to determine the cause. Please enter a work order or call the helpdesk and someone will come look at it.

Question: How can I download Minitab to my computer at home?

Answer: The Minitab installation CD-ROMs are available in 100 Gaskill on the Oxford campus for those who wish to install Minitab. (Knowledge Base: Case ID 76713)

Question: What is an electronic portfolio?

Answer: In the context of education and learning an ePortfolio is a portfolio based on electronic media and services. It consists of a personal digital record containing information such as personal profile and collection of achievements, information on which different services can be provided to the owner of the ePortfolio and the people and organisations to whom the owner has granted access.

Question: What is a web portal?

Answer: The starting point for Web activities. One of the most popular Web portals used today is

myMiami is considered a web portal.

Question: How does one learn C# in 27 min?

Answer: I don't know about learning it in 27 minutes, but there are resources available on the web to help. You could start at MSDN. Better yet try Safari. It is the best kept technology secret at Miami.

Question: Please define portals and portlet. Thanks!

Answer: To find a definition of a word go to and in the search field type in define: then the word to define. The two definitions were returned.

Portlets are reusable Web components that display relevant information to portal users. Examples for portlets are:* Email* Weather* Discussion forum* News

Portals are generally synonymous with gateway, for a World Wide Web site that is a major starting site for users when they get connected to the web or that users tend to visit as an anchor site, linking to many other sites. Typical services offered by portal sites include a directory of Web sites, the ability to search for information, news, weather information, e-mail, stock quotes, phone and map information, and sometimes a community forum.

Question: You are great. You provide a valuable service to me and my students. Thank you for answering questions and coming to help us promptly. Keep up the great work you are appreciated!

Answer: Thank You. The Computer Center Staff appreciates your comments.

Question: Sometimes my modem connect from home just stops and I have to reconnect. It doesn't seem to be time-related or application related. Any ideas?

Answer: There are many variables that can cause modem problems. It could be the modem in your computer, phone lines in your house or problems with our modems. If you are experiencing problems please call the Oxford helpdesk at 727-3340 as they provide the support for our modems.

Question: My home computer has gotten very slow, what can I do to check for possible reasons.

Answer: First Check for viruses and make sure your virus software is up to date. Second Check for spyware. See previous post. Spyware is the most common cause of a slow computer.

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