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Video Conference Setup

Powering on the Mediated Cart:

  1. On the touch Panel, push the power button.
  2. Input the 4 digit password – 6015. The cabinet doors will unlock, and the projector will begin to warm up/power on. The remote control for the conferencing equipment should be stored behind these doors.

Begin Video Conference:

  1. Push “Go To Video Conference” on the touch panel.
  2. You should see a view of the room on the projector screen.
  3. If the camera is not centered on the room, you may want to center it using the remote control. This is done by pushing the presets button followed by the number 1 on the remote control (picture below).
    1. If the camera still needs adjusting you will need to adjust it manually. This is done by using the left, right, up, and down arrows on the remote control OR the touch panel on the mediated cart.
  4. Next you will need to dial the site you want to connect to. To do this, first push the Phone Book button on the remote control as seen below.
  5. Select “My Contacts” from the list that appears on the projector screen.
  6. Select the site you want to connect to and push the “OK” button on the remote control.
  7. Select “Call Now” from the menu on the projector screen (green icon). This will automatically connect the two rooms for the conference.
  8. By default, the microphone is on mute. To unmute the microphone so the other site can hear you, push the “Mic/Off” button the remote control.

End Video Conference:

  1. To end the call, push the red button on the remote control.
  2. Return the remote to the inside of the cabinet.
  3. Push the power button on the touchpad and select yes to power down.

For technical assistance please call the Help Desk at 727-3356.

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