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The Travel Expense Form can be downloaded from the Oxford campus Accounts Payable website and contains the most up-to-date rates. To download this Excel form, click on TRAVEL FORM link. This will give you the option to download (save) the Excel file to your computer where you can fill it in and the calculations for your expenses will be done for you. This form is used for conference travel and must be submitted with original receipts and proof of payment, signed by your chair/coordinator or supervisor, and submitted to the Business Office

A NEW Travel Mileage Report can also be accessed on the Accounts payable website for multiple trips during the semester. After filling it in, you can print it, have signed by your chair/coordinator or supervisor, and submit it to Business Services.

Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for receipt of your reimbursement.

Additional information concerning travel, including the allowable intercampus mileage, is available in the Purchasing and Payments Handbook.

Conference Travel

Before traveling, each faculty or staff member must obtain approval to use travel funds from the chair/coordinator or supervisor. The authorization is only an estimate of the expenses you anticipate you will spend on the trip. For your convenience, authorization forms may be picked up in Business Services.

There are some travel expenses that can be paid for you by the University before you travel if an authorization* is on file in Business Services.

  • Conference Fees
  • Airline tickets
  • Hotel Accommodations

After you return from your trip you will need to submit a Travel Expense Report to Business Services. If you attended a conference, you should attach a copy of the conference itinerary/schedule. Reimbursement requests cannot be processed without original receipts with proof of payment, and the signature of your chair/coordinator or supervisor.

Intercampus Travel

When traveling between the campuses, fill out the NEW Mileage Expense Report from the Accounts Payable website. See 6.03 of the Purchasing and Payments Handbook for the intercampus round trip reimbursement rates. You can fill in multiple trips on this form and it will calculate mileage. Have it signed by your chair/coordinator or supervisor and submit to Business Services.

If you are traveling from your home or another campus before coming to Middletown Campus, you will be reimbursed for the mileage in excess of your normal round trip from home to work and return. See the chart below.


Home to Oxford Campus
Oxford Campus to Middletown Campus
Middletown Campus to Home
Total Miles
Minus normal round trip - home to Middletown Campus
Miles to be reimbursed